Professional Sniper
One Shot Killer
Live Video/Audio Call can be done with the client
Well Paid Hitman
Hidden Murderer

The Most Wanted

Realistic Brief

People say that war hurted many persons around the world.They might be right. But for me, war was the prelude of a prosperous future.

I was a military sniper, a holder of several medals including the medal of war. During this period, i killed many criminals and terrorists.Everytime i killed an enemy, i felt a sense of endless gratitude, until the day came and i had been shot in my left eye.

So the Military Council took the decision of dismissing me definitively. I got angry from this unfair decision and said to myself that i should prove my efficiency even with one eye for all the world including this unfair Council.

One day,during my lay off period a person called me...He heard about my incident and my skills,then suggested to hire me as a hitman and propose me a high amount of money in return. At the beginning, i denied his offer but i thought twice and remembered how the President of the Military Council signed my lay off without offering any financial allocation. I took this first challenge and started to eliminate different targets. My personal objective is to improve my accuracy and my expertise to gain more money.


-I don't distinguish between important and less important.

-One shot is capable of ending anyone's life.

-Sooner or later every target will find his/her way to death.

-There are many methods of killing that depend on customer's request and target's situation.

-Rules and norms can't stop me from making achievements.

-All what is required from the client, is to provide some useful informations about the target including locations, pictures, available accounts.

-Every customer can get photos or a video for the victim as a death proof.

***Communication:mail & jabber***